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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Top ten reasons why OS X has no viruses yet

Top ten reasons why OS X has no viruses yet - by SuperKendall (Score: 5, Funny) Thread

10) Ten million+ active boxes still “too small a number” to target.

9) Worlds virus writers all work at Valve; have no idea what the hell OS X is.

8) OS X originally scheduled to have virus this year; pushed back till Q2 next year to add Intel support and a Universal Binary.

7) Russian Mafia all actually use Macs, tell underlings to keep macs virus free so they don’t have to run virus scanners.

6) Forget buffer overflows; real mechanism viruses use to spread is actually second mouse button.

5) No viruses released for sale on ITMS yet.

4) Actually viruses everywhere but Jobs Reality Distorition Field keeps Mac users thinking they are not there.

3) XCode secretly detects and transforms viruses into RSS readers instead at compile time; explains glut on Macs.

2) Virus writers accientally drug virus into one of several hundred “Untitled Folders” on Desktop, now have no idea where it is.

1) Mac owners just too damn pretty for God to let them get viruses.
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