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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wild Speculation

Wild Speculation - by AeroIllini (Score: 5, Funny) Thread
Google May Be Close To Creating God Competitor

by AeroIllini

Industry analysts announced today that they believe Google may start entering into the business of deities.

“This is a logical move for Google,” said the analyst in a note never intended for publication. “With the success of their Google Maps and Google Earth planet-creating technology, expanding to entire universes and mythologies is the next logical step. This fits neatly into Google’s ultimate goal of organizing the world and it’s information.”

Continuing his wild speculation, the analyst said, “We believe that Google may roll out a beta Deity, on par with one of the lesser Egyptian gods, by summer. We would like to note, however, that Google has not confirmed our theories, and that all this is based on a conversation we had last week while stoned.”

The analysts maintained a $666 price target on this stock.

“The selection of this target price was right in line with the possibility that Google would roll out a direct competitor with God. But we have faith that because of Google’s ‘Do No Evil’ policy, this competitor will quickly supplant God and take His rightful place in the Heavens.”

Should Google decide to enter the Deity market, it would find it crowded. The current market leaders include the Judeo-Christian God (nasdaq - GOD), with 2.2 billion customers, the Islamic Allah (nasdaq - ALLH), with 1.3 billion customers, and Vishnu (nasdaq - SHVA), with 900 million customers, among many others. Google is expected to report its fourth-quarter earnings next Tuesday.
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