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Friday, February 10, 2006


Here we go again...(Score:3, Insightful)
by twilightzero (244291) <`hyperion' `at' `deskmedia.com'> on Thursday February 09, @09:14PM (#14677533)
I wonder how long it'll be we're just all at war...seems to be what they want.

I mean seriously, if a supermarket had a sale on steak and put up cartoons of Vishnu, you wouldn't see Hindus violently protesting. Neither if they had a sale on pork and put cartoons in the window of YHWH.

People need to take a serious chill pill...

Re:Here we go again...(Score:5, Insightful)
by Spy Handler (822350) on Thursday February 09, @09:25PM (#14677684)
You just made a comparison, saying that Hindus or Jews would not be reacting violently in a similar situation.

But then you seem to restrain yourself from saying outright, that Muslims are freaking savages. Even though you did mention that "war seems to be what they want". I guess you were about to say what was on your mind, but political correctness and liberal virtues so cherished on Slashdot made you refrain.

Well, I'll say it for you. Too many Muslims are freaking savages. Yeah I'm sure there are peaceful and civilized ones out there, but if you look at the ratio of peaceful citizens to raving nuts and compare it to that of Christian nations or Buddhist nations or Shinto nations or whatever, you can't help but come to the conclusion that Muslim, as it exists in the real world today (and not in theory), is a barbaric, violent, repressive religion.

Re:Here we go again...(Score:5, Insightful)
by patryn20 (812091) on Thursday February 09, @09:41PM (#14677932)
You have to look at their current stage of cultural development. In the past, Christianity and Judaism were barbaric religions. Generally they became this way after gaining too much power and a large following, then they slowly moved back towards moderation. This move to moderation occurred after members of the faith began to sponsor the changes in religious culture. They began to embrace the sharing of ideas and freedom of expression of those ideas, even at great danger to themselves. The Islamic religion is still in its "terrible twos" so to speak. They are at the same stage that Christians were in during the crusades and inquisition. Until their societies and cultures move past the embracing of religious ideals over social ideals, they will continue to be this way.
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