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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tetris is teh roxx0rz!11

Tetris as a way of life (Score:5, Interesting)
by lampiaio (848018) on Wednesday February 15, @01:54AM (#14718866)

I once found this interesting text about Tetris as an analysis of our own lives:

Apart from being a fine game, Tetris is also a perfect mirror of the human
condition. For a while the game is entertaining, and we seem to have mastered it
and are having fun. Then, something goes wrong -- a rash mistake, or an
unfulfilled wish, and we're fighting to repair the damage, but we've been thrown
off-balance, and everything is piling up. Blocks that were once orderly and
harmonious are jumbled and filled with holes, and our cup is on the verge of
running over. There's always a point at which we stop planning for the future,
and realize that we don't have one -- all we can do is cling to the present and
concentrate, focus our minds on what it's like to be alive, to play the game,
before it's all over.

You were waiting for a four-by-one block that never came.

Sometimes we resist to the bitter end, moving blocks left and right without
thought or care, just to hang on, and sometimes we accept the inevitable and
pull the blocks down to us, smiling inwardly at the great joke. The rest is

It could easily be defined as a "Tetris-do" of sorts.
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