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Friday, March 10, 2006

g00g13 iz 0wnz j00

"At Google, we know."

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by zenwarrior (81710) Alter Relationship on Friday March 10, @05:40AM (#14887258)


We know what you have. (You've indexed your hard drives.)
We know where you [and family] live. (All mark their homes on Google Maps.)
We know who you like; we know who you hate. (Chat & e-mail.)
We know what you buy. (Let's be frugal.)
We know where you go. (What's happening G-locally?)
We know when you sleep; when you awaken. (Usage analysis.)
And now, we know virtually all your thoughts & plans. (Using Writely?)

Motto: At Google, your world is our world.


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by Godji (957148) Alter Relationship on Friday March 10, @01:30PM (#14889157)
So now that Google already knows what we're searching for and can read our e-mail, it will also be able to know what we're doing at any given time? I'm definitely signing up!! What's next, Google Personal Diary? Google Thought Recorder?

Remember the quote, "We're moving to a Google that knows more about you" ? You'd better.
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by KingJoshi (615691) Alter Relationship <slashdot@joshi.tk> on Friday March 10, @04:04PM (#14889542)

Remember? I don't have to remember anything anymore. Google does that for me ;)

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