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Friday, March 17, 2006


by Anonymous Coward on Thursday March 16, @02:15PM (#14931233)

Maybe we should harken back to the mid 1940's when the British were developing a jet engined plane to exceed Mach 1... Washington suggested a joint venture, and Britain agreed. Once Britain had sent them all their research and plans Washington decided it'd didn't want to do a joint venture anymore, but thanks for doing all the research. Then followed by chuck yeager breaking the sound barrier in a plane that looked strangely like the British one.

by CountBrass (590228) Alter Relationship on Thursday March 16, @03:28PM (#14931424)

The US did something similar with atomic research: took all the work the UK had been doing on the understanding they would share the result (the A-bomb) and then refused to.

What constantly amazes me is. given the way the US constantly screws its allies is that

a) it still has any and

b) the UK still has the fantasy that we have a "special relationship" with the US: the only special relationship we have is the one where we bend over and drop our trousers on demand.

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