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Sunday, July 16, 2006


by Anonymous Coward on 22:54 Sunday 16 July 2006 (#15728468)

Just another example of the high costs- physical, economic, psychic- of having a large Muslim population in your midst. Israel suffers from it for dispossesing the Palestinian people- mainly the Muslim flotsam and jetsam of imperial Turkey, resettled in Judea from Egypt, Circassia, and the Balkans during the Ottoman Empire's slow-motion collapse. Yet what of India, the victim of 1400 years of continual jihad aggression during which millions of Hindus were slaughtered or enslaved, tens of thousands of temples and monuments destroyed, and in the modern age two large sections of it carved out to make homelands for its invaders? Yet what did it do to deserve this enemy from without (Pakistan and to a lesser extent Bangladesh) and within (150 million Indian Muslim "citizens") besides succumbing in the end to continuous jihad aggression? And why are Western countries voluntarily replicating the same conditions for themselves by allowing millions of Third World Muslim colonist-invaders into their midsts?
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