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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Long time no post!

by Concern (819622) * Alter Relationship on 20:04 Sunday 05 November 2006 (#16724451)

So, Saddam Hussein's verdict, the death sentence, is read 48 hours before the U.S. midterm elections [yahoo.com]...

That's just a coincidence, right?

But, when Republican congressmen are discovered to be gay pederasts, [nytimes.com] or famous evangelical ministers are outed for using methamphetamines with male prostitutes [yahoo.com] and the news comes out in the weeks prior to the election...

That's a deliberate attempt to time the news with the election, right?

What do you believe?

If you are an American Republican, you will incur the wrath of your fellow party members unless you answer yes to both questions.

What do you think the Iraqis believe?

Given that there are very few Republicans in Iraq, do you suppose it's possible that they might take a more cynical view on the timing of the verdict?

Could an appearance of impropriety by the Iraqi court could be, by far, the most reckless of the "October Surprises"? (Though neither in October, nor a surprise...)

U.S. troops could actually die in greater numbers because of such blows to the credibility of Iraq's supposedly new, independent government (and its courts).
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