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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Such arbitness :-)

Re:That told them! (Score:5, Funny)

by Cathoderoytube (1088737) Alter Relationship on 21:08 Tuesday 01 May 2007 (#18941627)

I think the reason Canada and the UK aren't on the list is because we're close neighbors with the US. In Canada's case we actually touch them. I'm not a political type person but I have an idea it would be bad for relations if the US went out and said 'Canada! you're on our list!' then we'd say 'Which list is that? The one for the terrorists, the beef, the lumber, the drugs or the flying squirrels?' then the US would say 'This is a new list! For not protecting our copyrights!' then we'd say 'Copyrights.. That's a new one is it?' then the US would say 'YES! We just made it! And you're on it! Right there below Venezuela!' then we'd say 'Wait what? We're still talking about copyrights here right? This list looks an awful lot like it has something to do with soccer. I think your list is wrong, we're more of a hockey country' then the US would say 'That's not true, your woman's team is quite good'. Then we'd say 'Well I suppose, but the fact of the matter remains we're really not known for our soccer' then the US would say 'You do have a valid point, we'll take you off the list.. '

So, uhh there you go.
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