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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

by Anonymous Coward on 0:05 Wednesday 16 May 2007 (#19134229)

We've all heard the joke about how cars would behave if made by Microsoft, but how about if they were made by the Open Source Movement?

1. The car would come in a kit, and would have to be assembled by hand.

2. The instructions for assembling it would be free, but so poorly written you'd have to hire specialists, who would in the end cost more than a Microsoft car

3. The gearstick would be designed by EMACS fans. It would be powerful, and feature rich, but changing gear would be an 18 step process designed for a driver with 4 hands.

4. If the passenger wanted to read a map, he'd have to enter the driver's seat in order to get permission.

5. The steering wheel would be gone. In its place, an "innovative" interface designed by the Blender and Gimp teams, consisting of 2 dead fish and a broken plastic spatula.

6. Richard Stallman would insist the vehicles be described as GNU/Cars.

7. It would be broken into as frequently as Microsoft cars, despite it's much touted security claims. Joe Sixpack couldn't be bothered to lock the door on his MS car, and he can't be bothered to lock it on his GNU/Car.

8. In car entertainment would consist entirely of items cloned from Microsoft.

9. Your grandmother wouldn't be able to drive it.
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