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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ah, Ruby-us!

by coryking (104614) * Alter Relationship on 5:43 Saturday 30 August 2008 (#24804219) Homepage Journal

but in the Ruby world they are not

Of course they aren't. Ruby is for fashion programmers with iMacs, iTunes and iPhones. Ruby is for programmers who moonlight as bar tenders. Ruby is for companies with numbers in their name. Ruby is for minimalists who eschew corporate wisdom. Ruby is for those who use words like eschew.

Ruby is hip. It is edgy. If you went into a bar and said "I use Ruby", you would get first game on the pool table. If you use Ruby, people call you by your initials, not your name.

You dont use Ruby to just get work done. No sir. You use Ruby to make a statement about who you are.

CF, DT, DHH and M himself are all cool beyond belief. They are the superstar hipsters of our modern programming world. C programmers, Java programmers and .NET programmers could never be as cool as DHH--not even on the best day of their lives.

Go home you Microsoft Player. Go home you inbred C programmers and Billy-Joe-PHP'ers. You are the rednecks of the computing world. You are the fly-over programming languages that keep us busy wondering who uses your language as we our active records fly over your heads.

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