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Monday, September 15, 2008

Why *NOT* to use IE 8

by StefanJ (88986) Alter Relationship on 9:58 Monday 15 September 2008 (#25005293) Homepage Journal

1) After installing IE8, webcam tracks your movements around the room.

2) Strange giggling from PC speakers when you Agree to the EULA.

3) When you start Spybot Search & Destroy you get a phone call from someone sounding an awful lot like Jerry Seinfeld threatening your pets.

4) Paperclip is back, and now its mad.

5) The next time you hear the phrase "actually pretty innocuous" is in President Palin's speech about what happens in Loyal Citizens' Youth Brigade moral rectification camps.

6) You printer puts job sheets at the beginning of each document. Job sheets with coupons for Brawndo.

7) Activity gadget in upper right hand corner of browser is a Total Information Awareness icon.

8) Entering URL for Chrome download page redirects to gay furry bondage snuff porn site.

9) After refusing to upgrade to IE8 you wake up to find the Firefox's severed head on your bed.

10) Ghost of grandmother appears to you in dream, begging you to install Ubuntu. Which is just plain weird because she was a Slackware fan!

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