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Monday, May 24, 2010

Put *THAT* on Longbets.org

Church Admits Touching Children and Covering it Up Not Such a Good Idea.

Pope John Paul George Ringo the Third officially stated via the openly gay pontiff's Jupiter-hosted website [www.catholic.popestuff2], "We've had a little time to think about it and we finally understand that whole uproar or whatever. Hey like the third testament says in Bieber 10:15 'Whatever you want shawty I'll give it to ya'."

He went on to say, "Here's some water! Hope that makes up for it."

Editor's Note: Catholicism was a dominant religion centuries ago in which old men in funny hats told others what to do.

Editor's Editor's Note: Religion was a wide-held belief that ideas found in stories millenniums old should be used to rule our lives. Not kidding.

(article translated from Chinese via Skybot Vacuum Cleaner with Babel Attachment)
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